Bridging the Gap in Supply Chain Finance for UK Importers

Claire Hogarth16/Jul/2014International Trade

With cross-border trade becoming a reality for more businesses, it is vital for UK SMEs to access the global market place in order to remain competitive. Ebury is responding to this situation with a new solution to add to our growing portfolio of services. Trade Finance provides businesses with a credit line for financing trade, both cross-border and within the UK.

Roman Itskovich, Head of Trade Finance, commented that, ‘We’re really excited by this new addition to our existing FX services. Ebury is looking to lend to businesses with a minimum turnover of £1m a year, which have established relationships with their vendors. We can provide a credit line for up to 120 days, for up to £1,000,000, allowing time for the goods that they have purchased to be imported and paid for by their customer, before they need to repay Ebury. This delivers significant cash flow and working capital benefits to their business.’

Ebury Trade Finance delivers benefits to both UK buyers and their suppliers. UK buyers can trade with the confidence of a cash buyer, negotiating better prices and terms, introducing greater efficiency into their supply chain and improving their relationships with suppliers. Suppliers can obtain accelerated, non-recourse finance as soon as the buyer accepts the goods or services. Suppliers will receive payment directly from Ebury with no further cost or liability to them and in their chosen currency, as we are able to utilise our established foreign exchange service. Also there is no need to submit onerous credit assessments.

Ebury Trade Finance complements our other services, which include Managed Foreign Exchange, Commodities Trading and Partnership Solutions. We hope that through this addition we can continue to address the needs of growing companies and make the international market place accessible to British businesses.

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Written by Claire Hogarth

Marketing Executive at Ebury. English Literature graduate from the University of York and a motivated professional.