Ebury Trade Finance benefits wholesalers such as Fred Balls Fastenings

Claire Hogarth24/Jul/2014International Trade

Case Study

Ebury combines currency services and trade finance credit for UK wholesaler Fred Balls Fastenings, transforming them into a truly global business. They were able to effectively combine these two services in order to gain the benefits of currency security and a fluid trading flow. The trade finance facility is free to maintain and can be utilised whenever necessary. In this way it provides a flexible alternative to traditional bank-based finance.
To read the Fred Balls Fastenings case study, click here.

Many UK SMEs can benefit from Ebury Trade Finance. If you have turnover of over £1m a year and established relationships with your vendors, apply now.


Written by Claire Hogarth

Marketing Executive at Ebury. English Literature graduate from the University of York and a motivated professional.