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Tech nation launches the most comprehensive report of the UK digital technology industry

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24 March 2017

Lucie Pankova

Global Marketing Executive at Ebury, Masters in Management Graduate from Cass Business School, London.

On 22nd March 2017 Ebury took part in the launch of the most comprehensive report of the UK digital tech industry.

he event celebrated the growth of technology across the UK in the past 12 months and also touched on themes that were not included in the report such as opportunities and challenges for the future.

Here we would like to share with you some of the key insights of the report.

Insight 1:

DIGITAL TECH INVESTMENT: In 2016 UK digital tech investment reached £6.8billion, 50% higher than any other European country

Insight 2:

DIGITAL BUSINESSES GROWTH: The economic output (GVA) of the digital tech industries is now £97 billion

Insight 3:

DIGITAL TECH PRODUCTIVITY: The economic contribution of the UK digital tech sector is nearly double the national average


Insight 4:

DIGITAL TECH JOBS: THE UK now has 1.64 million digital tech jobs and job creation in the sector is outpacing non digital

Insight 5:

DIGITAL TECH COLLABORATION: London hosts more Meetups than any other European city

, Working in the digital world has proved very exciting as observed in the following comments from key people in the industry:

“Digital is right at the heart of the Government’s plans to deliver a stronger and fairer Britain for everyone”
Karen Bradley, Secretary of State, Culture, Media & Sport

“The future belongs to the integrators…” Dr Ruth McKernan CBE, CEO at Innovate UK

“There’s never been a better time to join the tech industry,
huge turnover, major investment, higher salaries, fast job creation” Stephen Kelly, CEO at Sage

“Such great momentum in tech sector – now not just London, but across the UK. Exciting times” Saul Klein, Partner at LocalGlobe

“Collisions between verticals will yield thrilling ideas and new methods of communication” Michela Megan, Founder at Music Tech Fest Advisor, EU Commission

If you would like to read the full report, please click here.